Family Law

Divorce and separation are among life’s most stressful events. Having the support of an experience and knowledgeable family lawyer can make a world of different. Our family lawyers in Sydney are skilled negotiators, and where possible we will endeavour to settle your family disputes outside of court. We do our best to save you time, money and stress.

Our Sydney family lawyers can provide advice and representation in the following areas:

    • Divorce and nullity proceedings
    • Pre-nuptial and separation agreements
    • Spousal maintenance
    • Property and financial settlements
    • Parenting and child arrangements
    • Child support and maintenance
    • Domestic violence and AVOs
    • Family mediation

We take a simple approach in our firm: dedicated service, expert advice and respect.



Are you going through a divorce or separation? Are you worried about what will happen to you and your family?

There is no such thing as an easy divorce, but it can be made easier with the right family lawyer on your side. We understand the difficulty our clients are going through, and we believe one of the best things we can offer besides expert advice and strong representation is empathy.

A marriage breakdown is even more challenging when children are involved. Even if you know the choice to divorce is right for you, you want to ensure your children’s rights are protected. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced, understanding family lawyer on your side. Our family lawyers can negotiate the best outcome for you and your children.

Divorce is often complicated further when assets are involved, and you may be concerned about your financial future. Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in a broad range of financial family law matters, including settlements of modest assets all the way to substantial asset pools, including businesses and property. Whatever the sum involved, you are guaranteed the same dedicated and thorough service, focused on ensuring you get your fair share.

At King & York Lawyers our divorce lawyers are committed to providing personalised, attentive representation that achieves the best outcome for you.

We focus on settling disputes in the most amicable, efficient and affordable way, so we encourage our clients to explore all available options before proceeding to court. Some disputes can be resolved through methods such as negotiation or collaboration, which could save you time, money and stress. We will always keep you informed of your options throughout the process.

If your matter must proceed to court, you can rest easy knowing our lawyers are experienced litigators in Family Law. You will receive the strong representation you deserve.

If you are ready for practical, down to earth advice, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our highly skilled divorce lawyers.

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Property settlement

One of the most important issues to deal with when a couple separates is the division of their property and assets. Dealing with the complexities of property settlement is stressful but the consequences on not doing it properly can have an impact on the rest of your life.

Our Sydney family lawyers are able to clearly inform you of your entitlements and the likely outcome of a property settlement if the court was to become involved. Our team of Sydney family lawyers have the specialist skills and experience to secure your financial future. Regardless of how ‘amicable’ you may think your separation is, you need the best possible legal representation to ensure you receive the maximum division of the asset pool.


King & York Lawyers can provide you with legal advice on:

  • Your entitlements
  • How to divide assets
  • How to split superannuation
  • Whether one spouse can provide financial support for the other (spousal maintenance)
  • What arrangements will be made in regards to the financial support of the children (child support)

We have experienced lawyers who can negotiate a property settlement on your behalf. This is particularly important when there are a complex arrange of assets, tax issues, commercial assets, large amounts of superannuation, or when a family business is included in the asset pool. We have significant experience managing separations that involve family businesses and complex financial structures and we can quickly identify the most appropriate way forward.

Above all we believe it is extremely important to offer you realistic advice, with the intention of finalising matters to your satisfaction as early as possible and ensuring a clean financial break from your partner.

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Parenting arrangements

The welfare and safety of children should be the main concern when a relationship breaks down. Our Sydney family lawyers can provide you with comprehensive legal advice in relation to parenting arrangements.

The Family Law Act deals with most matters relating to a child’s welfare when a relationship ends, whether it’s a marriage, de facto or same sex relationship. Legislation no longer talks about a parent’s rights; the ultimate consideration is what is in the child’s best interests. Each case is determined on its own facts and circumstances

At King & York Lawyers, our experienced Sydney family lawyers will advise you as to the most suitable parenting arrangements for your children, and will provide advice about the possible range of orders that could be made by the court depending on the circumstances of the family.

Our Sydney family lawyers have substantial experience in resolving parenting and children’s issues. We can provide you with advice and support on decisions like:

  • Who your child should live with
  • What contact your child may have with the other parent, or how living arrangements are shared
  • Who has responsibility for making decisions about issues such as which school your child attend
  • In some cases, who is actually a ‘parent’



The need for one party to relocate with the child of a marriage or relationship can be one of the most challenging issues to deal with after separation. Before a parent moves with a child away from the other parent to another town or state or even to another country, he or she generally must obtain the permission of the court. In family law terminology, such a move is known as “relocation”.

In the event that permission is not obtained, the court will normally require the parent and child that moved away to return until such time as the matter may be properly considered in a hearing.

When determining the merits of a relocation application, the court applies the following principles:

  • The welfare or best interests of the child remains the paramount consideration
  • The court cannot require the parent wishing to relocate with the children to demonstrate compelling reasons for the relocation of the child’s residence
  • It is necessary for the court to evaluate each of the proposals of the children’s living arrangements advanced by each parent
  • The evaluation of the competing proposals must weigh the evidence and submissions as to how each proposal would hold advantages and disadvantages for the child’s best interests
  • A court cannot proceed to determine the issues in a way which separates the issue of relocation from that of residence and the best interests of the child

If you are considering relocating with your children or you would like to find out if you have a reasonable case to restrain the other parent from relocating with your children, you should seek legal advice from an experienced Sydney family lawyer in order to assess your particular circumstances and to advise you of the prospects of success of your particular application.

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