Care and Protection

At King & York Lawyers, we can provide representation and assistance in the Children’s Court for matters relating to the care and protection of both children and young people. Within this jurisdiction, the overriding duty is to safeguard the interests of the child or young person and ensure that all decisions are made with their safety, welfare and well-being as the paramount concern.

The Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) is the main New South Wales government agency responsible for implementing the laws to keep children safe from harm.

Care proceedings differ from court proceedings in other jurisdictions. They are less formal and non-adversarial, meaning they progress with as little technicality and formality as the circumstances permit.

Our advice is practical and delivered in plain English so that parents and guardians can understand what is required and what is likely to happen in court. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and independent advice in a diligent, ethical and competent manner.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all matters heard in the Children’s Court, as within other jurisdictions, are presented with clarity, precision and openness to facilitate the just, quick and cheap resolution of the real issues in dispute.

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