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There are lots of reasons why a parent might want to move to another city, state or country when a relationship breaks down.

This might be to secure family support, pursue a new relationship or to take up a job opportunity. The reasons are endless.

While you are free to move, you are generally required to obtain the permission of the court or other parent. If you seek to relocate with a child. If you move with a child without permission or court order, the other parent may be successful in getting a recovery order from the Court which provides for the child’s return to where they had been living.

The laws are more complicated if you wrongfully remove a child from Australia. Attempting to flee overseas with the child or children is not recommended because:

When determining the merits of a relocation application, the court applies the following principles:

King & York lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with matters that involve relocation of a child after separation. If you are considering relocating with your children or you would like to find out if you have a reasonable case to restrain the other parent from relocating with your children, you should seek legal advice from an experienced family lawyer in order to assess your particular circumstances and to advise you of the prospects of success of your particular application.

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